Pumping Tips

User Guide: How to use a good Bathmate Hydromax pump

1. Slide the Latch to the Center position

The Valve Latch on top of the pump can only be moved up, middle, and down. The position of the valve hook above and below serves to close the valve. The part of the hook in the middle helps to open the valve. Press lightly and move the hook position to the center position.
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2. Insert the Comfort Pad into the vessel

Take the Comfort Pad and, placing it in the vessel, adjust it to the proper position.
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3. Rotate To View the Estimator

The Comfort Pad and Vessel rotate, allowing you to view the measurement guide from above and see how much progress you’ve made.
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4. Warm up for 5 minutes

If you are taking a bath or shower, warm up for 5 minutes underwater. It helps heat the body and blood circulation.
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5. Fill the water to the brim

Once you are ready and have filled Bathmate Hydro with water from the bath or shower, insert the penis into the pump carefully, don’t spill too much water. Then press the Bathmate Hydromax pump towards the body. (this may take some practice)
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6. Pump and Release a Little Water

Pull the pump toward your body to circulate water through the top valve. When pumping, you will feel an increase in suction power.
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7. Re-pump to maintain pressure

The Bathmate Penis Pump has been designed to release pressure slowly to avoid damaging the suction. If the pressure decreases, the pump increases the pressure again. It is recommended to use the pump for 15 minutes per day.
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8. Eliminate Press and Release

After 15 minutes of use, or if it is sufficient, remove the pump by removing the pressure by pressing the valve while pressing the valve and the comfort pad.
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